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16 Feb

Independent Stylist.It’s Not The Only Way.It’s Just The Better Way.

Now, I'm not going to say that traditional commission salons are bad. There are some pretty awesome ones out there. I've had the privilege of working at a few of them. But in my nearly 18 years of working behind the chair, working as an independent stylist is by far the better way to go! Work when you want and how you want. Market to the clients you want to see in your chair. Have total control of the money you earn and future earning potential. Sound pretty amazing? Well, you're not likely to have that kind of work and lifestyle if you're working to build someone else's dream. It's time to build your own dream! First, let me share some...
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19 Jan

Welcome to Gorgeously Independent!

Hey there!  I'm so excited to have you here on my blog!  I have been a hairstylist for 16 plus years now, and I love what I do!  I've been blessed with opportunity to work in several top salons from Chicago to Atlanta to Dallas.  With each move, I saw my income grow and experienced advanced education beyond what I could ever imagine.  But it wasn't until almost 6 years ago that I made a pivotal decision.  This decision was truly a game changer for my career, my income, my personal life and my overall happiness.  I made the decision to go independent and be my own boss! From the time I started working in salons, every time someone would mention independent...
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16 Sep

For the Gorgeously Independent

      Gorgeously Independent was created to help hair stylists find success in their craft by offering advice for best business practices, sharing past failures, celebrating accomplishmentsand giving insight on those things that no one ever told you but wish they would have.  This site is for new stylists, seasoned stylists, commissioned and self employed.  There is money and passion in this industry, and Gorgeously Independent is here to help you find it in the every day....
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